Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Analysis of "seven" opening sequence

Both the detectives in the sequence seemed to have certain character flaws, for example, Morgan Freemans character Detective Sommerset came across as too caring compared to the other detectives on the scene. An example o this is when he says "did the kids see" to which another detective tells him that he should not care about that, and to just get the job done. Another example is of Brad Pitts character Detective Mills who seemed to be easily distracted by things, and doesnt take his job so seriously. I noticed this when the two characters were walking down the street and Detective Mills was constantly looking at women in the street, and not fully listening to Detective Sommerset.

In addition to this, the lighting throughout the sequnce was low key. This is particulary noticeable in th crime scene itself, and gives the scene a very eerie and unfriendly feel. Furthermore, there seemed to be a grey or blue filter used in the scene which gave it a much more gloomy and depressing feel. Particulary in the scene where Detective Sommerset is doing something in the kitchen at the beginnig of the sequence. In relation to this scene, there was an interesting use of camerawork as there was a long shot on the character with a bit of blurred foreground. This made the scene feel as if it was from someone elses perspective like someone was watching the character. This also gave it a sense of voyeurism and an uneasy feel.