Wednesday, 24 February 2010

news report script

(camera pans down from top of building to having fred in the shot)

Reporter: I'm here at the government research building in London just as a hostage situation is breaking out. A small group of terrorists has taken 21 hostages and 2 are beleived to of been executed. Their aims are so far unknown but negotiations are taking place as we speak. Currently, all we know about the situation is that the hostages broke into the building between 6:30 and 7:00 this morning. Here to give us as much of an update as he can is Dean Holmes, the CEO of the goverment reserch facility. Hello Mr Holmes.

Dean: Hello
Reporter: Can you give us any information on any developments of the current situation?
Dean: No more than we all already know, other than the amount of terrorists in the
building are beleived to be around 4 or 5
Reporter: and how does this effect the situation?
Dean: well due to the position of the room that they are currently in, there are two entrances
to the room, which taking into consideration the amount of people in the room, makes
it very difficult to enter safely and without injuring the hostages inside.
reporter: do we know if the terrorist group is related to al queda?
Dean: that is one thing that we can deffinately confirm, the group is not related to al queda


The main reason we have chosen to rate our film as a 15 is because of the potential themes and possible hostile nature of the film.
As far as language is concerned, the BBFC says that frequent use of strong swear words such as "f**k" However, aggressive and frequent use of these words are unlikely to be acceptable.
so BBFC goes on to say that no theme is prohibited as long as the treatment is appropriate for 15 year olds.
Regarding Horror, the BBFC mention that 'strong threats and menace are permitted unless sadistic or sexualised.' However, we do not plan on making the film to purposly horrific.
Violence may be strong but should not dwell on the infliction of suffering and that strong gory images are unlickley to be acceptible.

Target Audience

Our film is aimed at people between the ages of 15- 25 and older. This is mainly due to the content of the film and and is a target audience that follows conventions of previous existing films of this genre. such as;

Begining of filming

Yesterday we began the filming of the 'News report' part of the scene. This was done outside the cancer research facilities of Addenbrooks hospital. After asking one of the near by security guards we began filming and all went to plan.

-One problem we had was people in the background leaving and entering the building, taking away the illusion of having a secured building in trouble.

-Another problem we had was remembering what needed to be said and what had already been said as we did not bring a paper copy of the script. This made filming alot slower and less efficiant than it could have been.

- a future problem we may face is the continuity of having the 'News Report' playing on a t.v in the background of the shot.

reviewing another groups blog

P1-04's blog was good for several reasons:

We feel the main reason it was good because it was laid out really well, with examples in all the post and several different images so that the viewer has a clear idea of what the film will be about :)

Friday, 5 February 2010


Flash Back One
Shot 1: Medium Black and white, Hand-held
Man Runs up stairs, Drone continues with fast ticking, News reporter continues talking over shot with drone and fast ticking

Shot 2: Medium Close up, Black and White, Hand-held
same man runs up to box and cuts something behind it
news reporter continues talking over shot, drone continues with faster ticking

Flash Back Two- Continues From Shot

Shot 1: Medium long, Black and White, Hand-held
Man runs down corridor, Pushes door with shoulder then kicks open
news reporter continues talking over shot, drone continues with faster ticking

Shot 2: Medium, Black and White, Hand-held, tracks back slowly
Kicks in door and walks through, Lifts gun
news reporter continues talking over shot, drone continues with faster ticking

Shot 3: Close up, black and white, focus on face, reaction shot, hand-held
news reporter continues talking over shot, drone continues with faster ticking

flashback 3: continues from shot

shot 1 flashback: handheld black and white closeup on man sitting down, to man standing up reaction
shot 2 flashback: handheld medium long black and white track forward, pushes man on ground, poits gun at other man.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


This is the camera we used


Shot 1: Fade from black, Close up, track to medium
News reporter on T.V talking about a hostage situation
Drone begins- non diagetic
Shot 2: Over shoulder shot, Medium, hand-held shot
flashback of man running up stairs in balaclava, News reporter continues speak over shots
black and white Drone continues, Fast ticking starts
Shot 1: Medium, continue tracking out
reporter continues talking about hostage situation
Drone continues, ticking slows
Shot 3: Medium, Hand-held
Person in balaclava kicking through a door, News reporter continues speaking over shot
black and white Drone continues fast ticking begins
Shot 1: Medium, continues tracking out
news reporter continues talking about hostage situation
Drone continues, ticking slows
Shot 4: Medium, over the shoulder shot, hand-held
man in balaclava goes through doorway with gun shouting, people turn and put hands up, Black and White, Drone continues, ticking stops, drum beat starts, News reporter continues talking over shot "Everyone get the down!"

Shot 1: Medium continues tracking out
people come into shot, one man standing next to T.V, someone with bag over head kneeling on the floor. Track continues moving back and man pushes T.v to floor, News reporter continues talking untill T.V's on floor, man walks towards the camera and pushes a gun to kneeling mans head, "Shut the fuck up!" Drone with drum beat continues
Shot 1: Medium over the shoulder shot hand-held
two men talk to each other. possibility of a reaction shot after this.
Drone with drum beat continues "what are we gunna do!?"

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Story Board




  • Fabric bags/pillows
  • Balaclavas
  • Dirt
  • Tools for breaking in
  • TV
  • DVD Player
  • Gun
  • Microphone
  • Black clothes
  • Balaclavas
  • Suits-Gucci exclusively
  • low key lighting will be mainly used to get across the mood and attitude of the sequence.
  • in the office building at the end there of the sequence there will be a slightly darkened room where the hostages will be kept.
  • camera
  • tripod
  • next week
  • addenbrookes hospital will be used for the backdrop of the news report.
  • for the office building that we will be using to break into we will be using the G block in college, in particular the staircase around the back.
  • wills house will be used for the part at the end where the television is broken.
  • dean, fred, will, lewis.

thriller idea props

Planning for Filming

-make up/hair
-list of equipment
-times+dates you want film & back up plan
-locations(maps? permission? photos?)
-Actors (photos + suitability)
-Production roles-assign role to each member of the group:
  • camera person, director/s, producer, production coordinator
  • Provide definitions of of each role and each person's suitability for that role-experience? roles?

Monday, 1 February 2010

Thriller Ideas-COSTUME

For our Thriller opening scene, we have a group of ex-military soldiers who take a government building and its people inside hostage. My idea for the ex-military hostage takers in the scene is to wear a predominantly black outfit, with black trousers and shirts, topped out with them wearing black balaclavas. This is to add mystery to the characters because you will not be able to see their identity, and also because this stereotypical of what kidnappers would wear.

The other characters in the opening sequence are the hostages themselves. As these characters are in a office building, they will all be wearing suits and be smartly dressed. However, as they are hostages they will have black bags on their heads and will be kneeling on the floor.

Saul Bass Opening Sequence-Psycho

This is an opening sequence by Saul Bass for the film
Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock-1960).
From this opening sequence, the audience know
straight away that the film is a suspense thriller,
because of the fast paced music. This high pitched
droning is stereotypical of the film Psycho, and clearly
represents the thriller genre. This music continues
throughout the whole opening sequece, therefore
suggesting the film is full of suspense throughout.
The audience also know that the film is thriller and the
film is not of the ordinary, because when the film
name; Psycho, is presented,
it distorts, therefore showing the plot and theme of the
film is distorted and not clear or strange.
The appearance of lines throughout the opening
sequence, which segment the screen , show that the plot
line may be broken up or not that of a normal film.
The appearance of actors, actresses and other
peoples names seem to fall into place when the appear,
and reveal the name clearly. This maybe shows that
during the film, the plot line will also fall into place,
and will also become clear to the audience.