Wednesday, 27 January 2010


We feel that this opening scene of the film Munich lends itsself very well to the style of our opening sequence. Both films have a similar plot line involving terrorists and hostages, and the convetions in Munich fits very well with the action/thriller genre. The use if hand held camera is apparent which creates a very chaotic and paniced atmohsoere. Additionally, the sheer variety of shot type creates a sense of confusion to the for the viewer.

dean holmes

pitch lesson

what will you do as the result of the feedback received?

from the feedback that we received we will try to make the opening sequence of our thriller film shorter, but still managing to include flashback scenes and a conversation scene between the hostage (ex-military) takers.

Has the feedback made you consider things that you hadn't before?

we have decided to try to not make our thriller too complicated and also not too long to be able to film. We have also needed consider where our setting will be and the costumes our characters.

Actions points-How will you now develop you idea and plan for production?

the first thing that we will do is to make a story board including all of the different camera angles and shots. it can also include the the settings where we will be filming our seqeunce for instance and office block ' i.c.t rooms'

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Thriller Ideas

idea for entire film:

narrative:hostage situation

we believe that this would be a good idea for our thriller opening because it is a quite conventional idea and

character: there could be one main character as the hostage negotiator or policeman. sub characters could be the criminal hostage-takers or the innocent hostages themselves. These characters would conform with that of the usual thriller genre; this would be to act hysterical and scared, and for the part of the criminals; would be fearsome and quote dean; "EX-MILITARY!!"

atmosphere: tense, full of suspense. We will aim to keep the audience, quote fred "ON THE EDGE OF THEIR SEATS!"

Sub genre:
We feel, as a group and a team, that an appropriate sub genre for our thriller film opening sequence would be a psychological action thriller--hybrid.

For our opening sequence; we want it to start in an office room or government building. Suddenly, four, quote dean; "EX MILITARY!!!!", burst into room and take the occupants hostage. the motif of the hostage takers is inside the government there is records of their past military which is dark and disturbing, which they are out to clear, and 'sort out' the people who were responsible. This will then lead to a police gun fight/raid quote dean; "BANG!BANG!". with some of the hostages being killed because quote will; "HE IS A NUUUUUUUTTTTTEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!"

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

dark knight analysis

marking another students project

we think that this project deserves to be given a level four due to all the sections in the marking criteria being filled appropriately. we think that the variety in shots and quick changes in atmosphere lead to a much more professional feel to the opening. In addition to this, there is a good variety of shot types going from steady shots on the red smoke/water, to hand held in the short flashback style sequences of the man and woman.

We will use the criteria to our advantage by making sure we have covered as many of the point in the criteria as possible when looking through our work. We will stick to thriller conventions closely, meaning we will make sure mise-en-scene is all related to the plot of our film and the imagery used in the sequence will follow our narrative appropriately.

Student Thriller Example P1-02

P1-02 Analysis 'Negative'

-The piece of work uses a steady shot when panning the scene, and a hand-held shot to show when the character is walking. PROFICIENT

-The shots manage to exclude most of the members of the public, but also keeping some people in to add realism. BASIC

-The work uses a variety of shot distances e.g. a close up shot of the ear-ring and a medium shot when the character walks away. PROFICIENT

-The sequence uses good material. e.g. when it cuts to the laboratory from the street, keeping the sense of material. BASIC

- The sequence uses the mise-en-scene of clothing to make characters look normal, but in fact they are not. They also use a public alley like setting, which is normal but eerie, then cuts to a laboratory, which is not. PROFICIENT

- The editing uses a cut to a photograph being made, then back to the street or lab scene. PROFICIENT

-The sequence uses different slow cuts between shots to give an eerie feel to the atmosphere. PROFICIENT

-The sequence uses an eerie slow whining music. This gives the sense that something is not right. PROFICIENT

- The titles are well edited in the wavey font. This again makes it seem like something is not right. EXCELLENT

LEVEL 3 - 47/60

We will make sure we follow it as a guide, such as selecting mise-en-scene that creates appropriate meaning. We will use editing to make our sequence more realistic and professional.

Monday, 18 January 2010

man with the golden arm analysis on narrative

the title sequence to The Man With The Golden Arm by Saul Bass gives no clues what so ever to the narrative of the film or to any story. The only part of the sequence that displays anything other than white lines dividing a black background is when the white lines create an arm and a hand. Even still, this does not give away any more of the narrative than the title of the film does. However, as the film is a thriller, this could be seen as quite an effective technique by not giving away any part of the story. The sequence does not follow any classic conventions of a thriller and therefore confuses the viewer and makes them question the film more.

One of the only things that remotely links to the narrative is the music which does follow conventions of thriller/mystery music, leading the viewer to believe that the film could be something to do with a mystery as the main plot as this is the only thing obviously relating to the story during the title sequence. When the white lines join together to create a hand at the end of the sequence it could be hinting that all random parts in the story all add up and make sense at the end. The title sequence is overall very confusing but it think this has been done purposely to make the viewer keep questioning the narrative of the film untill the very end.

soul bass thriller sequence analysis

the human factor by soul bass


the sequence represents the character in a very tense and dark way. firstly the colours that have been used are black which is a very negative feel and also the red which can link to blood and danger. at the start of the seqeunce the camera seems quite shakey, which could relate to the characters personality of being nervous and not incontrol. the character is also shown as being alone because the image of the phone being left off the hook and nearly broken. the music dosnt fit in with the whole thriller idea which creates a strange feel to the sequence because everything is separate and dosnt link with each other which makes you wonder what his charater is like, is it a mix of everything in the clip or is it completely different.

analysis of a soul bass thriller sequence

Friday, 15 January 2010

Dark Knight Analysis

how does the sequence follow generic conventions?
micro and macro.

how does it make you feel? h

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Cape Fear Analysis Notes


Transparent red placed over the rippling water. -> shows death or danger

Music --> shows suspense...penultimates at film title.

WATER--> distorts image-shows mystery-canted angles

Blood--> shows death and danger


water ripple--> goes up + down--shows that story line wont be equal and distorted.

Bird swooping--> death--being caught--shows death


man--> in negaive--mystery

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Jackal Trailer

The Bourne Identity Trailer

White Noise Trailer

Thriller subgenres

within the thriller genre there are lots of different types of film, inclding hybrids. For example there are:

Action thriller
Conspiracy thriller
crime thriller
disaster thriller
drama thriller
Physcological thriller
Legal thriller
Political thriller

Psycho Theatrical Trailer

Friday, 8 January 2010

Seven opening sequence analysis

The opening title sequence of se7en very closely follows conventions of a thriller, mainly with the images shown and the sound and music. The images are almost all close ups of sharp, razor blade like objects. This tells the viewer a lot about the rest of the film and what they can expect from it. the metal object and sharp sounds also gives the impression of a hospital, provoking a subconscious fear within most viewers.