Friday, 12 March 2010

Feedback on Roughcut

- We can see the camera hooked up to the TV... Live news feed atmosphere ruined by it.
- The black and white framing for the terrorists was pretty well done, like the effects used.
- News feed could use a broadcaster company overlay with headlines (See BBC).
- News feed works well with terrorist scenes
- Good use of effects on titles
- Person being interviewed is also inside the building in one of the sequences.
The titles used fit in with the genre of the opening scene and are conventional of a thriller. The sound for the opening could have been changed so that the background noises could not be heard so much. There are a few problems with continuity editing.
We liked the effects of the titles, this made it dramatic and added to drama of the hostage situation. The use of different camera angles was affective because it made the sequence much faster and created high suspense.
We thought that at the very start when you can see Dean slightly in the camera frame this made it a little less believable. But apart from that its brill mate.

Very good editing and shot variation. The acting was again top notch!!! The titles were very effective. Also the use of voiceovers created an added element and made it more believable. The title sequences were clever as they created suspense. Needs to be made A LOT longer despite notch!

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