Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Thriller Ideas

idea for entire film:

narrative:hostage situation

we believe that this would be a good idea for our thriller opening because it is a quite conventional idea and

character: there could be one main character as the hostage negotiator or policeman. sub characters could be the criminal hostage-takers or the innocent hostages themselves. These characters would conform with that of the usual thriller genre; this would be to act hysterical and scared, and for the part of the criminals; would be fearsome and quote dean; "EX-MILITARY!!"

atmosphere: tense, full of suspense. We will aim to keep the audience, quote fred "ON THE EDGE OF THEIR SEATS!"

Sub genre:
We feel, as a group and a team, that an appropriate sub genre for our thriller film opening sequence would be a psychological action thriller--hybrid.

For our opening sequence; we want it to start in an office room or government building. Suddenly, four, quote dean; "EX MILITARY!!!!", burst into room and take the occupants hostage. the motif of the hostage takers is inside the government there is records of their past military which is dark and disturbing, which they are out to clear, and 'sort out' the people who were responsible. This will then lead to a police gun fight/raid quote dean; "BANG!BANG!". with some of the hostages being killed because quote will; "HE IS A NUUUUUUUTTTTTEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!"

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