Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Student Thriller Example P1-02

P1-02 Analysis 'Negative'

-The piece of work uses a steady shot when panning the scene, and a hand-held shot to show when the character is walking. PROFICIENT

-The shots manage to exclude most of the members of the public, but also keeping some people in to add realism. BASIC

-The work uses a variety of shot distances e.g. a close up shot of the ear-ring and a medium shot when the character walks away. PROFICIENT

-The sequence uses good material. e.g. when it cuts to the laboratory from the street, keeping the sense of material. BASIC

- The sequence uses the mise-en-scene of clothing to make characters look normal, but in fact they are not. They also use a public alley like setting, which is normal but eerie, then cuts to a laboratory, which is not. PROFICIENT

- The editing uses a cut to a photograph being made, then back to the street or lab scene. PROFICIENT

-The sequence uses different slow cuts between shots to give an eerie feel to the atmosphere. PROFICIENT

-The sequence uses an eerie slow whining music. This gives the sense that something is not right. PROFICIENT

- The titles are well edited in the wavey font. This again makes it seem like something is not right. EXCELLENT

LEVEL 3 - 47/60

We will make sure we follow it as a guide, such as selecting mise-en-scene that creates appropriate meaning. We will use editing to make our sequence more realistic and professional.

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