Monday, 1 February 2010

Saul Bass Opening Sequence-Psycho

This is an opening sequence by Saul Bass for the film
Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock-1960).
From this opening sequence, the audience know
straight away that the film is a suspense thriller,
because of the fast paced music. This high pitched
droning is stereotypical of the film Psycho, and clearly
represents the thriller genre. This music continues
throughout the whole opening sequece, therefore
suggesting the film is full of suspense throughout.
The audience also know that the film is thriller and the
film is not of the ordinary, because when the film
name; Psycho, is presented,
it distorts, therefore showing the plot and theme of the
film is distorted and not clear or strange.
The appearance of lines throughout the opening
sequence, which segment the screen , show that the plot
line may be broken up or not that of a normal film.
The appearance of actors, actresses and other
peoples names seem to fall into place when the appear,
and reveal the name clearly. This maybe shows that
during the film, the plot line will also fall into place,
and will also become clear to the audience.

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