Wednesday, 24 February 2010

news report script

(camera pans down from top of building to having fred in the shot)

Reporter: I'm here at the government research building in London just as a hostage situation is breaking out. A small group of terrorists has taken 21 hostages and 2 are beleived to of been executed. Their aims are so far unknown but negotiations are taking place as we speak. Currently, all we know about the situation is that the hostages broke into the building between 6:30 and 7:00 this morning. Here to give us as much of an update as he can is Dean Holmes, the CEO of the goverment reserch facility. Hello Mr Holmes.

Dean: Hello
Reporter: Can you give us any information on any developments of the current situation?
Dean: No more than we all already know, other than the amount of terrorists in the
building are beleived to be around 4 or 5
Reporter: and how does this effect the situation?
Dean: well due to the position of the room that they are currently in, there are two entrances
to the room, which taking into consideration the amount of people in the room, makes
it very difficult to enter safely and without injuring the hostages inside.
reporter: do we know if the terrorist group is related to al queda?
Dean: that is one thing that we can deffinately confirm, the group is not related to al queda

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